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We build solutions in many different environments, from retail point-of-sale to enterprise inventory management, from SAP add-ons to Quick Books helpers, from web-based tour reservations to human genome databases, and from simple process improvements to massive enterprise re-engineering projects.  Military grade engine maintenance or handheld inventory finder, if your organization needs it, and it doesn't exist already, Cygnusoft has the technical skills, business know-how, and creativity to build it right.  Here are some examples of complete systems we have developed.

Accounting Integration - Cygnusoft provides integration with all major accounting systems such as SAP, MAS90, MAS500, PeachTree, QuickBooks, and a host of others. We can integrate your line-of-business systems directly into your accounting systems: Keep Customer and Order information synchronized. Feed transactions to AP, AR, or HR, journals or straight to the GL. And if your own Accounts Receivable, Human Resources, or Fixed Assets systems don't do everything you need, let Cygnusoft integrate one of the modules we have developed for these tasks.

Bioinformatics Tools - Cygnusoft's Bioinformatics Tools let researchers, corporations, and government agencies involved in the study of Genomics and Proteomics to share and analyze the massive databases they generate. Buried within these mountains of information are the clues that will lead to new drugs, new therapies, and new understandings of our very biological nature. Cygnusoft's deep understanding of the many ways that raw information can be stored, organized, moved, and analyzed make us uniquely qualified to build the database tools needed in the biotechnology market.

Retail Manager - The Retail Manager tracks all of the sales channels, inventory locations, and vendors so important to your retail sales operation. Track multiple "brick and mortar" retail stores, web sites, telephone, and subscription sales channels. Manage multiple inventory locations. Get the best rates on credit card processing for every channel. Balance inventory with enterprise purchasing features, including foreign currency options. Includes wireless barcode support for functions like floor stocking and order picking. Whatever your specialty, the Cygnusoft Retail Manager can help you increase profits and peace of mind.

Growing-Packing-Shipping Manager - The Growing-Packing-Shipping (GPS) Manager tracks the movement of fresh food throughout a worldwide network of produce growing and purchasing, warehousing, and distribution, bringing more product to the consumer's table, fresh. Today's GPS operation makes or loses money based on, typically, a matter of a few cents per box. It is a highly competitive market with ever increasing demands to use less chemicals and processing, while still improving the freshness of the product. With the Cygnusoft GPS Manager, small and medium producers can not only compete, but thrive.

Parts Distribution Manager - The Parts Distribution Manager enables businesses that handle a high volume of a few parts, or a low volume of many different parts, to manage those parts more effectively. Using handheld and wireless technologies to improve the accuracy and timeliness of catalog and inventory information, the Parts Distribution Manager can allow sales people anywhere in the world to sell parts from warehouses anywhere in the world to customers anywhere in the world. Quickly, efficiently, with less errors, and greater profit.

Inventory Manager - The Inventory Manager provides the stable foundation for managing inventory. These systems vary in complexity from several hundred to tens of thousands of SKUs and from single location to multiple worldwide locations. Tightly integrated with various quoting, sales, purchasing, and planning functions, the Cygnusoft Inventory Management tools help you maintain the right levels of inventory for your evolving operation, and get each piece where it needs to be, on time. All this translates into lower inventory costs and higher inventory values for your business.

"Cygnusoft has brought us key people, and helped us solve key technology issues, that have helped make Ensenta a success. For us, Cygnusoft is a partner, not just a vendor."

Rich Klein
Ensenta Corporation
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