Cygnusoft has been providing custom software and technical guidance to the Business, Municipal, and Scientific communities since 1989. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Cygnusoft creates solutions for a wide spectrum of clients.

Custom Software Development.
Cygnusoft utilizes only seasoned, top-level, professional software developers for the implementation of every software project. With many years of experience in the demanding field of Custom Software Development and strong industry partnerships, Cygnusoft stands out as one of the best.

Internet/Intranet Development.
At Cygnusoft, web development is done with a team of Engineers and Artists whose expertise varies from a simple presentation site to high volume e-commerce solutions and corporate intranet systems. Cygnusoft uses Open Source portal building tools to create high-power, low-cost sites for our customers, with custom-built features for a perfect fit.

Business Development.
Cygnusoft has a track record for bringing ideas to reality. Through Cygnusoft and its partners, our clients have been able to find a significant platform from which to launch their ideas. With strong relations to Venture Capital Partners and a seasoned Business Management Team, Cygnusoft has been able to bring several of our clients' ideas from concept phase to fully operating company.

Security Management.
Cygnusoft can make your systems secure, from securing the computer on your desktop or the handheld device in your pocket, up to a complete risk management process for your whole company. We will analyze your current systems, find and verify your vulnerabilities (the scary part), and help you eliminate every risk. We can extend that process into your entire organization to keep your business running, your secrets secret, and your people working effectively.

Science and Engineering.
Cygnusoft has a history of solving highly technical problems in the most demanding environments. Whether you need a new way to summarize the output of remote sensors, a new model for your statistical analysis systems, a system to tie together huge databases of proteomics research, or a program that implements a special way of counting your inventory, Cygnusoft can deliver. In fact, the more technically challenging the need, the more we enjoy it. Please, test us!

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